English Language Teacher

The job

As facilitators of the language acquisition process, English Language teachers at Luminus are responsible for all learning aspects leading to ascending with students’ level of English Language.

Continuously encouraging both, formal and Informal learning, effectively implementing the Blended Learning approach and delivering interactive, student centered lessons are critical to meeting job expectations

The teacher will work in close cooperation with the team to manage all aspects of course planning, delivery and assessment. This includes actively participating in assessing students’ learning needs, developing and delivering induction, preparing lesson plans and material; managing the learning process, applying different methods of formal and Informal ongoing assessment and continuously improving and adapting teaching material and delivery methods to students’ varied learning styles

Tasks & responsibilities

  • Teach, instruct, coach and assess students
  • Monitor students’ performance and progress on the Blended Learning solution.
  • Guide students at their placement and to employment
  • Assure sufficient retention and satisfaction of students
  • Work closely together with other teachers
  • Contribute to innovation, development and implementation of curriculum, delivery and assessment
  • Design and carry out assessment
  • Upload all newly created lesson plans and materials to the system to be shared with other team members
  • Directly coordinate and communicate with the Language Labs supervisors, students’ work , progress reports and attendance
  • Provide timely, accurate information regarding students performance, satisfaction and attendance
  • Maintain and update facilitated and interactive teaching practices
  • Carry out self-evaluation and actively participate in identifying areas of improvement and action points
  • Operate within the Quality Assurance Framework

Requirements teacher

  • Completion of Bachelor Degree
  • Native speaker or English Language Level of CEFR High C1/ C2 or IELTS 8/ 9 is essential
  • CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)
  • Excellent skills in leadership, multitasking, problem solving, communication, teamwork, organisation


Interested and qualified candidates should send their up-to-date CV with a copy of the relevant degree.
Therefore please use the application form button below. If due to some reason the form is not working you can send your application manualy to:  englishjobs@luminuseducation.com  mentioning English Language Teacher.

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