Head of Bachelor Degree Program Hotel Management

The job

The Head of Bachelor Degree Program (Head BDP) is responsible for the development of demand driven and English speaking Bachelor Degree Program in Hotel Management for the School of Hospitality & Tourism in close coordination with the Head of the School. The Head BDP acts as the participation lead on all programme boards with (international) partner institutions, in order to ensure the seamless accreditation, validation, delivery and development of the BA program with at least 60% practice.

The 4-year Bachelor programme in Hotel Management – inclusive (international) internships –  needs to be divided into three phases. During Phase I (one year) students learn the basics of operation in hospitality, during Phase II (one and a half years) they start developing their management and leadership skills in the hospitality sector and in Phase III (one and a half years), they apply their knowledge and experience strategically and searching for new innovative combinations in hospitality.

Task & responsibilities

  • Leading in developing the demand driven Bachelor Degree Program in Hotel Management, inclusive learning materials and operation plans;
  • Provide leadership, core knowledge and skills required for hospitality professionals meeting Jordan industry demands;
  • Foster academic excellence in teaching and learning skills;
  • Commit to success of bachelor degree students with divers goals, background and learning styles through providing support and learning assistance;
  • Serve the college through any of the following; curriculum development and implementation, development of innovative instructions, monitor students’ progress, representation of college related to industry and awareness campaigns;
  • Provide assistance in introducing teaching material and teaching methodologies to lecturers and coaches,
  • To coordinate the development, administration and marking of all exams and other assessments.
  • Creates and updates course outlines, descriptions with clearly stated course objectives and outcomes;
  • Teaching to students, supervise and advise BA students;
  • Ensures the compliance of the Program with local and international accreditation as well as quality assurance standards.


The successful candidate will:

  • have a Ph.D. in Hospitality Management and at least 5 years working experience in Hospitality Industry
  • have at least 3 years of teaching experience
  • be experienced in developing Curriculum and Learning materials in Hospitality Management
  • have experience working in a similar Leadership/ Academic Management role.
  • Very Good English Language (Reading, Writing & Speaking).
  • High Level of flexibility and adaptability
  • High level of organizational skills


Interested and qualified candidates can send their up-to-date CV with a copy of their relevant degree by using the application form button below. If due to some reason the form is not working you can send your application manualy to: managementjobs@luminuseducation.com mentioning Head of Bachelor Degree Program Hotel Management.

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Head of Bachelor Degree Program Hotel Management




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January 2018

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