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ShamalStart Project Luminus Incepto

ShamalStart Project Luminus Incepto

ShamalStart is a project aims to support and enable potential innovators and entrepreneurs in creating a sustainable businesses. ShamalStart helps entrepreneurs crystallize their ideas into viable businesses, ready to take out into the real world and establish new, exciting products and services that benefit their communities and economy.

ShamalStart is a project for the communities of Irbid and Mafraq, aiming to establish 90 startups and to support 60 MSMEs in the region, with the goal of developing the local economy and creating new job opportunities. The project focuses on manufacturing and services industries. Project is looking for bright minds with new ideas, individuals with innovative businesses, whether they are just starting out or existing MSMEs.

ShamalStart Project provides comprehensive business development services, including raising entrepreneurship awareness, capacity building, incubation services, mentorship, seed funding and digital fabrication facilities – Fab Lab.
The project will leverage local resources and capacities to generate sustainable employment and entrepreneurship opportunities and offering differentiated services.

ShamalStart project is funded by the European Union and hosted at Luminus Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center – Luminus Incepto

Luminus Incepto

Luminus Incepto is a hub of entrepreneurship, curiosity, and invention, the Luminous Innovation Center is a specialized training and education facility dedicated to the youth of the north of Jordan, with a special focus on manufacturing and services industries. The center is the first milestone in Luminus’s long-term vision for a high-end education center and college in Irbid, empowering youth with knowledge and technical skill.

Fostering Entrepreneurship

The north is fertile, ripe with potential, particularly in the fields of agriculture, tourism, and manufacture. With the proper mindset, determination and skill set, there is much to discover and innovate. The Innovation center is a modern, collaborative space that encourages exploration and experimentation, a space for like-minded young individuals to be inspired and learn from one another.

Building Communities

Believing in the power of collaborative learning and teamwork, Luminus has created an environment that encourages young entrepreneurs to network, work together, and share their knowledge and experiences. The building is set up in an open, transparent layout, designed for simple interaction and a flow of teamwork and camaraderie.

Creating Opportunities

Learning how to develop ideas into solid businesses, prototyping projects, and creating lasting relationships are milestones on the road of establishing viable, sustainable businesses. A nurturing ecosystem for entrepreneurs, the Innovation center supports youth in planting the seeds of their careers.

Luminus Incepto provides the following services


The FabLab (Fabrication Lab) is a space of collaboration and creativity, fully equipped with the latest modern technologies, knowledge and the means for invention and innovation. Experiment, design, and prototype any object or product, from metal gears and parts, wooden structures, or try your hand at robotics, or textiles


Designed to help our brightest young minds in the North of Jordan, the incubator is a modern-day business environment with private working spaces and meeting rooms, open-plan work areas facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Co-working Space

Comfortable, modern, and casual, Co-working space removes the added anxiety of setting up an office and allows entrepreneur to concentrate on getting business up and running. Meet like-minded entrepreneurs; work together in teams at our communal areas, or y solo in one of the private niches for some quiet reflection. With all the amenities of an office space, an eatery for a quick bite, and the FabLab right nearby for added inspiration, its time for entrepreneur to focus energies on business, and career.